Hail HRH

HRH BLUES 5 ...Cycle V is Live and Rollin' ..come and join Europe's Biggest Residential Blues Rock Experience

HRH Blues was born within the HRH multi genre Residential events in North Wales, April 2016 witnessed HRH Blues 2 migrate into its own brand new ..Blues Rock City Experience, featuring local hotels on the doorstep and a killer venue kitted out to deliver a Blues experience like no other. HRH Blues 3 & 4 sold out 6 months in advance and with this in mind we have launched HRH Blues 5 early to give all this years Veterans first picking which has taken a chunk out of next years event already. It's over 88% Sold to be exact.

Now we're off and running again with HRH Blues 5,we'll be making this another city experience next April (2019) with all the hotels on the doorstep to keep the community spirit intact., As before this will be a two day experience with hotels, breakfast included as well as entrance to the event over the weekend. Royalty holders will have exclusive entrance to the Unplugged sessions, their own private balcony with seating, private toilets and cloakroom as well as all the usual benefits.

HRH Blues 5 will be once again adding another Arena and another 10 bands taking HRH Blues 5 to a 2 Day, 2 Arena Extravaganza featuring 28 bands from all parts of the Blues, Blues Rock & Blues Influenced spectrum as voted by the fans.

We are truly excited about this new project as are our sponsors, plus the multitude of bands who will be doing what they do best in this truly amazing brand experience.

If you love a friendly community and feel your music, then you will be at home at HRH Blues 5 which is officially the biggest Residential Blues Rock Festival in Europe

HRH Blues 5 will take place on the 13th & 14th April 2019 @ 02 Academy Sheffield, with four HRH Hotels on the doorstep.

Click on the button marked Buy Passes to see all ticket and package options for next years event, it's going to be one hell of a ride

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  • It was great to meet you all. I can happily say it was the best weekend I have had for an extremely long time. I actually spent time socialising and saw less bands than I intended but who cares
    Winny - HRH Forum.
  • We made it home safe. Thanks for an awesome weekend guys, can't wait for the next one!
    Beamiegoth - HRH Forum.
  • Last year's HRH was fantastic, but for me this one was on a completely different level. It was so great to meet up with friends from HTH and to meet so many people for the first time. Thanks all so much for a stunning weekend .... and the bands were pretty good too!!!
    Dawn Patrol - HRH Forum.
  • Where do I start ??
    Another fine HRH over and a quick roundup.

    Socially, by far the best HRH EVER for me, far too many people to mention but I made more friends this year than all others combined, the true family feel came over strong and my Missus was totally overwhelmed at the amount of people who came over and introduced themselves and chatted. A special thanks to Russ for the great fun during Airbourne's set, he got a load of us up and dancing, slapping his ass !!!!!! and generally being a star. Shakeys wife Jackie was brilliant with her arm waving while Shakes was trying to take photo's ...priceless.
    AllTomorrowsPartys - HRH Forum