Hail HRH


And if you're new to the HRH circle, then we would like to extend our humblest greetings to one of the closest circle of music enthusiasts on the planet. April 2013 witnessed the launch of HRH AOR & HRH Prog @ Magna in Rotherham, which saw HRH move into genre specific residential festivals. We then moved to the roots of rock and a brand new adventure with our Blues Rock project, HRH Blues.

HRH has been at the epoch of creativity and challenging all conventional ways of staging musical events for some years and after this year's various HRH events, we now roll into another totally new and exciting dimension with HRH BLUES. This two day event took place on 21st & 22nd March 2014, with a pre party on the 20th for all Early Bird, DC n HRH Vets.

We chose our HRH base at Hafan y Mor to host the first adventure. Launching @ Hafan increased the community spirit by having it all on one site, with accommodation, eateries and bars all within walking distance from the main BLUES arena. No shuttles were required there as we were in our very own exclusive site.

Now we're off and running again with HRH Blues 2 and we'll be making this a city experience next April (2016) with all the hotels on the doorstep to keep the community spirit intact., As before this will be a two day experience with hotels, breakfast included as well as entrance to the event over the weekend.

We are truly excited about this new project as are our sponsors, Classic Rock Mag, Team Rock Radio and Blues Mag, plus the multitude of bands who will be doing what they do best in this truly amazing brand experience.